Message from the Representative

Our aim is to serve as a “platform” to support a wide range of clients – from startups to global listed companies – in the fields of accounting, tax, and M&A services.
We are also eager to build strong alliances, both domestic and international.

Representative Profile

Toru Nakamura, Group Founder and Representative
DOB: October 25, 1968
Experience: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Education: Waseda University (Faculty of Political Science and Economics)

Individuals: 2265
Established September 2002
Group Entities Japan Creas Tax Corporation
Japan Creas Labor and Social Security Attorney Office
Japan Creas Legal Professional Corporation
Corporate Advisers Accounting Co., Ltd.
Corporate Advisers M&A Co., Ltd.
Yui Property Support Co., Ltd.
Head Office Kasumigaseki Bldg, 33F. 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
PHONE +81-3-3593-3235
Offices Japan: Osaka, Gunma,Toyama,Chiba,Miyazaki
Overseas (Asia): Viet Nam, Shanghai (joint ventures)
Services Tax
Accounting outsourcing
M&A services (intermediary, advisory, consulting)
Corporate legal affairs
Financial Advisory Services (stock valuation, PPA, financial due diligence, corporate restructuring)
IPO consulting
IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)/disclosure
HR consulting/payroll services
Medical/healthcare business
Internal control (J-SOX)/internal audit
Overseas local subsidiaries assistance
Professionals Total number of executives & employees: 315 (all group entities combined; as of September 2022)
41 Certified Public Tax Accountants (including tax accountant exam passers)
15 Certified Public Accountants
1 Special Labor and Social Security Attorney
12 Labor and Social Security Attorneys (including exam passers)
2 Lawers
42 Inheritance Diagnosis Consultants
4 Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (including exam passers)
CLIENTS Corporations: 2,101 (including 70 listed companies/startups, small and middle sized companies)
Social welfare Corporation 131
Clinics and medical/healthcare sector, nursing care businesses, etc.: 539

Through our services and support to our clients, we have accumulated abundant experience and know-how in our areas of expertise. We are always ready to provide optimum services to clients of various sizes and business types.