In describing our policy of relationships with our clients, we have always valued this phrase: LONG TERM GOOD RELATION. We are the professionals with various services ready for our demanding clients. As our market and economy continue to face a dynamically changing environment, it is our duty to respond quickly to our clients’ requirements. We always perform as the best service provider in our expert fields, focusing on speed and high quality. Furthermore, in order to establish credibility with our clients, we never forget our clients’ points of view, and we constantly pursue creativity. We serve as the experts in the fields of accounting, taxes, and consulting, especially for growing companies and startup companies, regardless of locations, and whether they are listed or not. We promise to support you in various fields as professionals.

Toru Nakamura
President & CEO
Contact Information
TEL +81-3-3593-3235 / FAX +81-3-3593-3246

CEO Profile

1968: Born
1993: Graduated from WASEDA UNIVERSITY (Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
1993: Passed Certified Public Accountant Exam second stage
1993: Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
2000: Executive Vice President of es Networks Co., LTD (left in 2002)
2002: Established Nakamura Certified Public Accounting Firm
2005: Established Corporate Advisers Accounting Co., Ltd. as the change of organization.
2007: Became a lecturer at Graduate School of International Management, Aoyama Gakuin University

Author of “Fukan de wakaru kessan syo (Survey of Financial Statements)”
“Fukyou demo riekiwo umidasu kaikeiryoku”

Participation in management for other companies

External Director, Backs Group Inc. (June 2006-March 2012)
(Representative: Masahiko Nishioka, Listed on JASDAQ)

Director, M-Out Inc. (present)
(Representative: Hiroshi Taguchi)

Director, Arealink Co., Ltd. (November 2002 – March 2008)
(Representative: Naomichi Hayashi, Listed on Mothers)

His Specialty and Achievement

With his vast experience and extensive knowledge on accounting, he provides professional advisory in management level. He has provided IPO consulting as the in-company directors for several companies. His innovative professional services include not just consulting but more, adding more value to startup companies.

Extensive Services
We provide a wide range of services in financial accounting, tax accounting, financial reporting, internal control, IFRS, IPO, M&A, succession, inheritance, and more.
High Professionalism
Our experienced accountants, tax accountants, social security labor consultants, and business consultants provide reliable, high-quality services.
Back up:
Practical Supporting Services
We provide qualified services constantly to supply human power which is apt to lacking in quality and quantity for soaring companies.
Flexibility and Rapidness
We provide rapid services of consulting and outsourcing according to your demands, budgets, and timely situations.
Global Network Covering the Whole Asia
We offer you services throughout the whole Asia by utilizing our global network.

Contact Information
TEL +81-3-3593-3235 / FAX +81-3-3593-3246

Corporate Advisers Co., Ltd.
Established in:
Amount of Capital:
76,500,000 Japanese yen
Executive Officers:
President and CEO / Toru Nakamura(Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant)
Corporate Advisers Accounting Co., Ltd.
Established in:
October, 2002
Amount of Capital:
30,000,000 Japanese yen
Executive Officers:
President and CEO / Toru Nakamura(Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant)
Executive Director:
Kozo Nakahara (Certified Public Accountant)
Miyako Kobayashi (Certified Public Accountant)
Hideki Esumi (Certified Public Accountant)
Service Menu
Financial due diligence, business evaluation and reorganization

– Stock valuation
– Financial due diligence
– Legal due diligence
– Labor due diligence
– Internal controls due diligence
– Stock option valuation
– Stock option advisory
– Process review
– Business improvement consulting
– Reorganization consulting

Support & Consulting for Disclosure
& Speedy Quarterly and Annual Financial Close

– P/L, B/S & S/S processing
– Quarterly and annual financial close and/or summary
 of financial results
– Business improvement consulting (6 months – 1year)
– Consulting for timely financial close

IFRS consulting

– Disclosure support (based on IFRS)
– Policy decision support
– Audit firm corresponding support
– IFRS education and training programs
– Other IFRS -related services

Consulting for Internal Control (J-SOX) & Internal Audit

– Internal control advisory
– Internal control documentation
– Innovation of internal audit
– Other internal audit-related support services

International Consulting Service

– Incorporation
– Accounting advisory
– Due diligence in finance for M&A
– Consulting for the reorganization
– International taxation advisory
– Consulting for speedy financial close of overseas subsidiaries
– Internal audit support for overseas subsidiaries

Consulting for IPO and Start-up Investing

– Stock & money planning support
– Capital increase support
– Internal control (J-SOX) operation support

Japan Creas Tax Corporation.
Established in:
October, 2002
Amount of Capital:
20,500,000 Japanese yen
Executive Officers:
President and CEO Toru Nakamura(Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant)
Executive Director:
Nobuhiko Ariga (Certified Tax Accountant)
Takashi Nakayama (Certified Tax Accountant)
Yoshitaka Nakagawa (Certified Tax Accountant)
Kaori Shiohama (Certified Tax Accountant)
Yusuke Matsui(Certified Tax Accountant)
Service Menu
Tax, Accounting(consulting & Outsourcing)

– Company start-up support
– Proxy bookkeeping (monthly/quarterly/annual)
– Operational improvement support
– Consolidated financial close support
– Business plan support

Tax, Second opinion
Consolidated tax payment consulting
International tax advisory
Tax Investigation support
Personal tax returns
Business succession consulting
Inheritance Tax consulting

Japan Creas Labor and Social Security Attorney Office
Established in:
Amount of Capital:
2,000,000 Japanese yen
Executive Officers:
Supreme Advisor Toru Nakamura (Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant)
Service Menu
Payroll Outsourcing

– Payroll & social security services
– Monthly payroll
– Bonus calculation
– Special collection of Resident Tax
– Year-end adjustment

Drafting and revising employee work rules

– Labor management

Corporate Advisers M&A Co., Ltd.
Established in:
July, 2006
Amount of Capital:
2,000,000 Japanese yen
Executive Officers:
President and CEO Toru Nakamura (Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant)
Tokyo (Headquarters):
Kasumigaseki Bldg, 33F.3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 100-6033
TEL +81-3-3593-3235 FAX +81-3-3593-3246
Osaka (Headquarters):
Fuyoudosyoumachi Bldg, 3F.1-7-10 Dosyoumachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan, 541-0045
TEL +81-6-6222-0030 FAX +81-6-6222-0038
Umedaasuka Bldg, 704, 1-17 Taiyuujicyou, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan, 530-0051
Tax accountant corporation : TEL +81-6-6809-4445 FAX +81-6-6809-4446
Consultants room : TEL +81-6-6809-4755 FAX +81-6-6809-4446
Ichikawa Central heights, 108, 3-14-23 Ichikawaminami, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, Japan, 272-0033
TEL +81-47-326-5111 FAX +81-47-326-3373
Service Menu
M&A advisory

– Total support of M&A
– Business alliance support
– Business alliance consulting
– Business succession advisory
– Inheritance Tax consulting

Reorganization consulting
Business succession consulting

Number of Employees

Certified Public Accountant (including the Exam Passer) / 12
Tax Accountants (including the Exam Passer) / 36
Labor and Social security Attorney (including the Exam Passer) / 9
Total / 57 (as of July 1, 2016)

Number of Clients

Corporation / 1304
Others / 1029
Total / 2333 (as of July 1, 2016)